Old New Blood is an home-brew World of Darkness story that uses the Mage: The Awakening rules set. The game uses story elements from both the old and new World of Darkness game settings. The story follows the characters from their beginnings as normal humans through the events that lead to their awakening and then finally follows them in their endeavor to use their newfound abilities to stop a modern and an ancient evil.


Old New Blood is set primarily in Chicago, IL the current home of the all the characters in the story. Other settings are used as needed, including cities such as Las Vegas and supernatural settings such as the Shadow (Spirit) Realm and the Hedge from the the Changeling.


The overall theme of this story would have to one of “use your newfound light to clear the darkness” The story tries to instill as sense of mystery, discovery, and horror as the characters uncover their own abilities and the many facets of the World of Darkness.


Primary conflict in the story in lies with the characters vs a corrupting force in the Chicago area and the Mega-corporation that seems somehow associated with it. However the individual characters have conflicts of their own as they battle with balancing their normal lives now that they know some of the truth of the World of Darkness.

New Old Blood